Saturday, 29 August 2009


So i wanted to write this because of an conversation i overheard between two women in a store.
The first woman says in this voice which is a combination of pity and gloating to her friend: "If only you had a boyfriend than he could buy you things too. My boyfriend always buys me everything".

And i don't know what struck me most, the fact that she had a rich boyfriend buying her everything, are the fact that she single-handedly turned back a 100 years of women emancipation; are the pitied way she talked to her friend for not having a boyfriend.

Let me set it straight. I am not knocking any women that wants to have a sugar daddy, someone who buys her everything, that is her choice. But didn't somebody tell her that the Sugar daddy is dying.
That statistics show that single women and gay men are the target group with the most spending capital now a days.
Its seems that it is foreign to this young woman that a woman nowadays does not need a sugar daddy to buy her things, that there is such a things as buying it for yourself. That the whole concept of purchasing stuff is not out of your reach just because you don't have a boyfriend.

But to make it even more ironic: the girlfriend was the one who walked out of the store with a E. 137,00 bag. While she was waiting for her boyfriend who was nowhere to be found to buy her stuff.

I dont know if the girlfriend did it just to prove a point, but for whatever reason she proved that independent women can and will purchase their own stuff. So more power to those that do.

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Kinderbloom said...

You go girl poema, Your absolutely right with your article. In my opinion, you don't need a boyfriend to buy you a gift, unless he wants too. You are a grown woman, so you can afford to buy it yourself. You will feel like a "Real Independent Woman" Don't get me wrong if you have a boyfriend that wants to buy you a gift or so that's ok, but at least have him give you some kind of allowance to keep on you, so you don't wait for him to buy it for you. What's up with that!!! I guess that's where the name comes from " Sugar Daddy" How about becoming a " Freedom Sugar Daddy"