Saturday, 19 September 2009

Pom? Creools Surinaams of Joods

I was having a conversation with my boyfriend today about Suriname food and especially about Suriname most famous dish, POM. He wanted to know to which etnic group the recipe belonged and i remembered something about it being an original Jewish recipe. So i went and googled it.
And the answer is... that is more complicated than it sounds. But i can tell you that there was a Jewish recipe called Sjalot that was originally made with potatoes, that was made similarly like pom. But there was a period in time that potatoes couldn't be imported to Suriname and they went looking for an alternative that came close to the original as possible. So they started using Taya (pomtayer). A local potatoe like vegetable already used by locals and slaves.
Wanna read more, follow this link.

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