Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Dope Lyrics

The sweetest thing I've ever known
Was like the kiss on the collarbone
The soft caress of happiness
The way you walk, your style of dress
I wish I didn't get so weak
Ooo, baby, just to hear you speak
Makes me argue just to see
How much you're in love with me
See, like a queen, a queen upon her throne

It was the sweet, sweetest thing I’ve known,
It was the sweet, sweetest thing I’ve known

I get mad when you walk away
So I tell you leave, when I mean stay
Warm as the sun dipped in black
Fingertips on the small of my back
More valuable than all I own
Like your precious, precious, precious, precious baby, dark skin tone

It was the sweet,the sweetest thing I’ve known

It was the...Ah
I try to explain
Ah...but baby, it's in vain

Speaking on my mother's phone
The touch that makes me think I'm grown
Sweet prince of the ghetto
Your kisses taste like amaretto
Intoxicating, oh, so intoxicating
How sad, how sad that all things come to an end
But then again, I'm, I'm not alone


Ah...Sometimes watch you in your sleep
Ah... Excuse me if I get too deep, hey!
Fading Chorus

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