Thursday, 11 June 2009

Crochet Junky

Up till a year a go i didnt even know the difference between knitting and crocheting. I was so bad that when i went to buy crocheting needles i bought 2, when that was for knitting (breien). I was wondering why the guy at the store was looking at me crazy..

But anyways, a lie is what got me starting crocheting.
I was shopping with a friend for sneakers on the Nieuwendijk and i had one of my favorite crochet rasta hats on. In the store there where 2 dready's working and they complimented me on the hat and asked if i made them myself. And before you know it i said: YES, they asked if i sold them: Again: YES. How much: E. 25,00. Could they order: YES. before you knew it i had two orders for the next week. So walking out of the store i told my friend: OH MY GOD what did i start. I never crochet in my life and now i took orders, what is wrong with me. He looked at me like i was insane.. Anywayz after the initial panic i desided: how hard can it be and i went on bought a book on crocheting, bought TWO crochet needles, some yarn and off we went.
Man.. it was the worse 3 days of my life. I didnt understand anything from the book, so i threw that aside. I just started i thought again how hard can it be. 3 days later, 12 repeats, a lot of cussing i had the ugliest hat you ever saw.

But i kept at it and the rest is history.



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